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After Video Surfaces, Anaheim Protestors Decry Police Brutality

An altercation involving multiple Anaheim teenagers and an off-duty LAPD officer is leading to a major public relations challenge for the department. The incident also fuels the ongoing tension between police and the communities they are sworn ...
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Orange County Homeless Problem Merely a Symptom

The count takes place every two years: volunteers hit the streets of Orange County and try to get an accurate count of the people who call the streets their home. Based upon numbers and other factors, the county receives federal funding to supp...
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Orange County Drivers: Don’t Drink and Drive

Two drunk-driving related cases in Orange County are a firm reminder that drunk driving is never safe. A woman in Garden Grove was recently struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver as she was crossing the street. Another man was arrested in...
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Recent Case a Reminder of Orange County’s Gang-Related Challenges

The Santa Ana man admitted to opening fire on officers. But, thanks a to a plea deal, Oscar Freddie Torres will not face attempted murder charges. He will face much lesser charges including gang-activity charges and the negligent discharge of a...
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Santa Ana Police Settle Alleged Harassment Case

The officers raided a pot dispensary last year and were caught on camera behaving in an extremely unprofessional manner. Three of the officers involved in the case were charged with misdemeanor crimes and are no longer with the department. The ...
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FBI Crime Data May Lead to Misguided Responses

Many politicians lament the horrible crimes that plague the nation. They often get on their soap boxes and make dramatic declarations about getting “tough on crime.” There is no doubt that horrific crimes capture local, national and even intern...
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Fullerton Shooting Five Years Ago Has Led to Improvements

The Fullerton Police Department may now be a model for the rest of the nation in using non-lethal force to deal with potentially dangerous members of the public. The changes have been implemented since the tragic death of Kelly Thomas five...
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California Highway Patrol in Spotlight after Fullerton Shooting

It’s happened again. The case remains under investigation and all the facts have yet to be uncovered. But here is what we know. While in his truck, 18-year-old Pedro Erick Villanueva was shot by undercover California Highway Patrol officer...
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Orange County Jails Not Meeting the Needs of Mentally Ill Inmates

A recent grand jury investigation into the County’s jails reveals they are not fit for people with mental disorders. In recent years, many of the jails in Orange County have been identified as overcrowded or poorly secured. Now, according ...
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Is Rehabilitating Convicts the Answer to Orange County Crime?

The OC Register recently reported that Orange County has seen an increase in crime of 23 percent over the past year. Recently, President Obama has called on law enforcement officials and politicians to consider investing more aggressively in r...
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