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Karren Kenney

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Juvenile Defense

An Attorney with Experience in Juvenile Defense

Being accused of a criminal act as a juvenile can be extremely overwhelming, not only for the person being charged, but also for the adults responsible for the minor’s care and well-being. When a minor is charged with committing an act that would be a crime if committed by a legal adult, the issue is resolved via what are called delinquency proceedings.

Delinquency proceedings are not just criminal cases in miniature. The Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602 describes Juvenile Court jurisdiction over delinquents in more detail. While minors do not face the exactly the same consequences as adults charged of the same actions, the possible outcomes can still be quite stressful, and not just for the short term.

When you are facing delinquency proceedings, it is vital to work with an attorney with experience in juvenile defense. Attorney Karren Kenney is one of the most well-respected and aggressive criminal defense attorneys in Orange County. Ms. Kenney has years of experience helping minors avoid long-term consequences and inappropriately harsh sentences.

If you or your child live in Orange County, including the cities of Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or Irvine and are facing delinquency proceedings, you don’t have time to waste. Contact Ms. Kenney for a free consultation.

A Strong Record of Getting Minors into Rehabilitation Programs

Making bad decisions is part of growing up. Ms. Kenney knows that children don’t necessarily understand the potential ramifications of their decisions. She believes they shouldn’t have to face life-altering legal consequences such as placement in a group home, Juvenile Hall, a county camp, or the Department of Corrections Division of Juvenile Justice as the result of errors in judgment.

Ms. Kenney believes that children deserve a second chance and she will fight for their rights. She knows that while a competent criminal defense is important, it isn’t enough. The legal process can be daunting, and minors need someone they can count on for emotional support during this difficult time.  Ms. Kenney treats all her juvenile clients with compassion and respect.

She has a strong record of getting minors into rehabilitation programs that are not only less traumatic than detention facilities, but also more effective at changing their future behavior. If your son or daughter has been arrested, you want to do everything possible to avoid having them declared a ward of the court and risk being removed from your home.

Don’t allow your child’s defense to be handled by a criminal defense attorney who is unfamiliar with the intricacies specific to juvenile defense. If you are from Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Irvine, or elsewhere in Orange County and want highest quality representation from someone who will treat you and your child with the respect and empathy you deserve, contact Ms. Kenney as soon as possible. There’s no reason for delay; your initial consultation is free.