The Santa Ana man admitted to opening fire on officers. But, thanks a to a plea deal, Oscar Freddie Torres will not face attempted murder charges. He will face much lesser charges including gang-activity charges and the negligent discharge of a firearm, according to the OC Register

Shootings, assaults, drug sales: all of these criminal problems continue to plague southern California. Many are related to street gangs. In the first 50 days of the year, for instance, there were 50 shootings in Santa Ana. Most of these were associated with rival gangs confronting one another. Los Angeles and Orange County have recently tried to crack down on an uptick in gang-related violence. The Torres case is a reminder of the challenges facing law enforcement officers as they combat the gang problem in Orange County. Despite their best efforts, law enforcement tactics will likely never be enough to eliminate the problem. Instead, economic, political and societal changes will be needed.