With the immense popularity of online retail, there is little surprise that crime related to deliveries is on the increase. The local Orange County NBC affiliate recently detailed the story of a woman wanted on suspicion of stealing a recently delivered package from someone's porch in Santa Ana. Video surveillance clearly shows the woman taking the package shortly after the United States Postal carrier left it on the porch. The homeowners were not home at the time and reported the crime hours later. If the suspect is arrested and charged, she faces serious penalties if convicted.

Mail tampering and mail theft can be charged as federal crimes and can lead to substantial jail time and fines. Depending on the value of the items allegedly stolen, the perpetrator may be facing very severe penalties that come with a felony conviction. As deliveries become more and more common, this crime is likely to become even more commonplace. As a result, law enforcement may be increasingly aggressive in trying to put a stop to the crime which makes having a skilled defense attorney essential for suspects.