Police in the Huntington Beach area of Orange County got into an altercation with an armed suspect who seemed ready to commit a violent crime. In the morning on August 3, two men were stopped by police officers. The traffic stop happened near Silver Lane and Glencoe Drive.

Currently investigators have not yet said why they performed the stop, but it might be somewhat irrelevant considering what happened shortly afterwards. Slightly before 8:00 AM the men actually got out of their motor vehicle. They ran and police officers gave chase. However, it didn't seem like the action was over after that.

Police ended up getting into a confrontation with one of the two men. It resulted in a shooting that involved one of the police officers. Unfortunately the officer had to shoot the man dead in order to defend himself. Police were able to recover a pistol from the deceased suspect. While the shooting cannot be ruled in policy just yet, it does appear that the officer acted in as ethical a fashion as possible. While the officer's name wasn't released, he's a 9-year law enforcement veteran.

There is a case that's still quite open involving this seeming act of violent crime, however. The other individual in the car eventually fled from the scene and completely evaded the police as a result of his swift actions. He is described as a Hispanic male who is 6-feet tall and in his early 20s. Witnesses estimate that he weighs somewhere around 200 pounds, and they stated that he had a shaved head. Apparently he was dressed in black at the time.

Currently the Orange County Sheriff's Department is working on the investigation. There weren't any direct reports that the other individual had been involved in an act of violence, but he is still apparently at large. Suspects in these situations can often be unpredictable. As a result it would seem that apprehending him would be a priority for the police at this point in time, though the Sheriff's Department wasn't returning calls at the time journalists inquired about the case.