Despite being convicted, a Costa Mesa man was recently spared the most catastrophic penalties resulting from his conviction on aggravated white collar criminal charges.  The OC Weekly reports that John Thomas Windsor, 44, has been sentenced to seven years and four months in state prison for stealing approximately $280,000 from a 98-year-old Newport Beach woman who was blind and suffered from dementia. In addition to jail time, he is ordered to pay nearly $300,000 in restitution and nearly $600,000 in fines.

Windsor admitted to credit card fraud, burglary, caretaker theft from an elder, and forgery. Because his crimes lead to losses of more than $100,000, he faced aggravated white collar criminal charges. He also admitted to moving into the woman's house without her knowledge. After trying to take out a loan on her paid-for house, he was arrested.  

By avoiding a trial and taking the plea, Windsor did admit guilt but also limited his exposure to even more jail time. By pleading guilty, his sentence was reduced from a possible 12 years in state prison.