A recent Orange County Register article indicates that several Orange County cities have passed new regulations to make operating massage parlors more difficult. Other cities in the county are also considering new regulations to achieve the same.  Until recently, the state had the authority to regulate these businesses but local authorities are now able to take that into their own hands with recent changes at the state legislature. In the past, massage parlors that were cited for illegal activities involving prostitution could re-open almost immediately after being shuttered for violations. Now, local governments are able to make the re-opening process more challenging and may allow them to close some of these parlors permanently for violating new local regulations.

One city councilman in Huntington Beach argues that by cracking down on massage parlors, the problem of human trafficking will be combated. This logic, however, may lead to unfair and unsubstantiated accusations against small business owners. By having a sweeping indictment of an entire industry, the county's well-intentioned efforts may backfire, force illicit activity further underground and trample the rights of legitimate small business owners.