The crime spree allegedly began on Christmas Eve morning. The Anaheim resident allegedly responsible for the string of crimes is a 20 year-old male. He is being held on $600,000 bail and faces a series of serious criminal charges with enhancements. The pre-Christmas spree involved a stabbing, a carjacking and an assault on a police officer with the stolen car.  The stabbing occurred several blocks from the carjacking but police have stated that the suspect is being charged with both crimes as well as charges related to his use of the stolen car to ram a police officer’s vehicle.

The suspect in the case, Jose Angel Briseno, also faces enhancements related to gang activity, resisting arrest and other accusations that can lead to even more substantial penalties. If convicted on all charges, the suspect may face decades in prison. The suspect may be able to reduce the risk of conviction considerably by contacting an experienced defense attorney. Even in cases where evidence seems quite damning, an experienced defense attorney can reduce the risk of the most extreme penalties. If conviction on some charges is unavoidable, the damage can be reduced through a wide variety of legal options and challenges to the prosecution’s case.